Xpress.com Review – Is Xpress.com For Single Parents a Scam?

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Standard Plan for 1 month at $24.99, 2 months at $39.99, and 6 months at $59.94.

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On November 2, 2012
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Our #1 Favorite Site. Xpress.com for parents is by the best new dating site for single parents we tested!

This is a fairly new dating website, and it’s best for those that may have tried Match.com and / or eHarmony.com before. It’s a new entrant in the dating world, and it becamse pretty huge in the single parent community. As a single-parent that dates or is perhaps looking to get back into the dating scene, things that come to mind are romance, fun, and adventure. Dating should be taken seriously, of course, but you must mix in plenty of exploration and remember to always have fun. Or else what’s the point? When children are involved in the equation, you want to be cautious of your kids’ feelings, but still have the freedom to explore your options. Leaving your children out of the lime-light at the beginning of a budding relationship is never a bad idea in the first place. For all of the parties involved, it may be best to wait until you’ve found Mr. or Mrs. Right to bring that relationship to the family table anyways.

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Xpress.com Summary Review

Xpress.com is a fun way to explore your options in a way that allows for things to be spiced up. Before signing up I was a little skeptical, thinking that maybe the website would be a little bit oversaturated with too many men exclusively looking for sex and hookups. But the name of the site speaks for itself pretty well. I found it certainly appropriate once checking out what members were like on the website.

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Try Our #1 Recommended Single Parent Dating Site: Xpress.com

As a single-parent who is looking for mature dating, yet to date with openness to casual sex before finding the perfect Match.com, Xpress.com could possibly be the best there is out there. Things shouldn’t always get serious right away, and that’s what makes Xpress.com so special—because the vast majority of the members on the site are pretty genuinely fun-loving, passionate for life, and okay with the casual dating.

Xpress.com Dating Site Features Review For Single Parents

Xpress.com really has plenty of great qualities about it for single moms and dads alike who are more inclined to online dating. The site includes many great features that help you get to know other membership openly and quickly. You can enjoy some fun on the site affordably, which with a family, budget is always something you must keep in mind. As a pretty new site, Xpress.com has received lots of attention quickly, and that certainly is because of the availability of features the site offers in a unique way.

Required Photo For Xpress.com

Once you’ve uploaded your own picture, you’re able to get started. That is one thing unique of Xpress.com. If you’ve been around the online dating scene at all or have tried any other dating site out there really, then you may recall frustration when there’s a lot of members who don’t upload pictures at all. Once you’ve activated your account by uploading your profile photo, you are then free to access the gold member page where you are able to freely get started on messaging members that catch your interest, which is a lot easier to do when you can actually have an idea of what someone looks like.

Another disappointment that comes along for many people when they sign-up for other dating sites is that once you’re in, you’ll find that you cannot even send messages or communicate for free. Xpress.com isn’t gimmicky like other online dating sites. Your only requirement is that you upload the picture. You can upgrade and highlight your profile only if you choose to.

Great User Search Options For single Parents

PassionSearh.com is a great example of contemporary dating in the online world. Just because you’re a parent doesn’t mean that you need to do things ‘old school’! For single-parents looking for an online dating channel that is not just affordable, Xpress.com proves to be very comprehensive with their incredible user searching experience. You can search widely for other single parents that are in your desired geographic area, age range, and of your desired appearance, too. While you can’t narrow things down to find people with values such as faith and religion, you’re able to still get a very nice look at members who only fit certain criteria you’re looking for.

Xpress TV For Single Parents

A really neat feature of the site is one that can even be addictive—Xpress.com TV. At least it was for me! Xpress TV is where you can view comical dating advice episodes. And the tips, I found, were actually very useful. It opened my eyes and reminded me that even as a single-parent, you must take life light-heartedly to enjoy it best.

Xpress.com Monthly Pricing Review

Xpress.com does allow free members to freely send and receive messages as they wish, and that doesn’t ever change up on your unexpectedly. You do have the chance to upgrade to a membership plan at any time. The thing is, having your profile as a free profile can decrease your chances of finding a date.

There are a few options to choose from. You can pick between Standard Plans and Premium Plans, the only difference being that premium member have a highlighted profile. You can sign-up for the Standard Plan for 1 month at $24.99, 2 months at $39.99, and 6 months at $59.94. To go premium, the price is only a bit more–$29.99, $51.99, and $77.94, respectively.

Xpress.com Review – Our Conclusion

Overall, Xpress.com is an excellent way to get yourself back into the dating game. When you’re a single parent that has plenty to juggle, having an avenue like this one is almost like a treasure. Xpress.com should be a place you should really just try out for yourself—you can set any pace you’d like!

Thanks for reading this Xpress for parents review. It should show you that Xpress.com is a not a scam. It’s a legit online dating website for single parents!