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For one month, the price is $39.99, The price is $39.99 $29.99 per month for a 3-month sign-up

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Our #2 Favorite Site. is an oldie, still great for. A very good all around no-nonsense dating site for single parents. is one of the more popular, and probably most “heard of” dating sites, but has it really truly been a success for the many that claim to have found their matches through the website? As a single-parent, between juggling your kids, the chores, and busy or demanding careers, there can be little time to even think about dating, let alone understanding if you’re looking in the right places if you turn to online dating sites like That is why this site was created—so that we could help you through the process and guide you in the right directions. Online dating can seem overwhelming to the novice—busy parent or not. Whether you’ve never signed up for a dating site before or you’ve had bad luck with others, I have good news for you: is definitely not a scam.

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CTA number 1 Review: Is It Any Good For Single Parents Looking For Love?

The fact is that there is quite a bit of truth behind the success stories you hear about in the commercials and advertisements for The site provides a matchless amount of success because of its high amount of members (over 12 million worldwide) and its perfect system for evaluating those members. As a single-mom myself, I was very pleased at how well was able to help me find other single-parents like myself. Not just anybody though—all of my matches were men that fit my criterion perfectly. They make things incredibly easy and straightforward, yet unbelievably comprehensible. It didn’t take long at all to get started and I had my profile filled out pretty quickly.

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Just like us, cares about helping you above all else. Why else would we all be here? is serious about helping you find the right fit for your lifestyle and does a great job selecting the right individuals out of their enormous membership-base. To do so, the site includes many unique features for helping the busy parent through the process.

ProfilePro For Single Parents!

On you can set-up a pretty extensive profile. There are lots of options that include sharing details about your kids, pets, or if you’re looking to have more children someday. It’s important that you put as much effort as possible into fully completing your profile. Many criteria are optional, but I’d advise getting as detailed as you can and have things out in the open first as a single-parent. Honesty is the best policy. But it’s not easy for everybody to put their ideals and self-evaluation into words, so offers something special for those who need the extra aid. To help make sure you come across the right way, you can purchase ProfilePro help for a one-time fee of $39.99. ProfilePro will have a professional writer review your profile text and adjust it to be more appealing.

Just for You provides helpful information just like we do. With many contributors, their weekly magazine, Happen, just so happens to have a column called ‘Just for You’, which includes a section of advice ‘For Single Parents’. With advice ranging from if you should include your kids in profile pics—or not—to more serious subjects like how to tell your kids you’re back in the game of dating, there is a lot of counsel made just for single-parent, from those who have experience.

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After you have filled out your own profile, you’ll start appearing in other members’ Daily Matches. If they see your profile and like what they see, then you’ll be notified. On your own profile you’ll see a list of “They’re Interested.” Go through the list and if somebody catches your eye as well then definitely send an e-mail! They already have an interest in you, so there’s a good chance you will hit it off with them if you reply with a good response. Pricing Review

The pricing on for standard memberships is nothing exuberant and is very affordable—even for a single-parent with a tight budget. They do a really great job at making it even more affordable for the longer you sign-up at the time you purchase the membership. There’s also many additional plans for you to choose from that have added features or you can by stand-alone features you like best. When you sign up for, your membership is absolutely free for the first seven days. With the standard plan, you will be able to send and receive emails, IM, use mobile-access to read and reply to emails, take members out of your view, check out who has viewed you, use the powerful search to find profiles that include certain words, and receive SingledOut matches. You get better rates for the longer you sign-up for. For one month, the price is $39.99. But if you’ve enjoyed the first seven days so far, you’ll save money by paying $29.99 per month for a 3-month sign-up, and better yet, $19.99 per month if you go with a 6-month sign-up. The Best Value Plan includes everything in the standard plan and then some. It’s a bit of an advantage to have your profile upgraded and that’s because the features go a long way in the way you appear to other members—and that’s the point right? With the Best Value Plan you’ll be able to take advantage of features of knowing when someone has read your profile, the first impressions feature, and a highlighted profile. Having a highlighted profile will make you stand out in the crowd, but it’s of course not going to hinder your chances of finding someone truly interested if your profile describes just how much of a true you are! Your only options are for a 3-month sign-up at $24.99 per month and a 6-month sign-up at $22.99 per month. Stand-alone features depend on your plan length. You can purchase matchTalk for $4.99-$6.99 per month, E-mail Read Notification for $2.99-$4.99, Highlighted Profile for $2.22-$4.99, and First Impressions for $2.22-$4.99. Review – Conclusion

When we first signed-up for, we will admit that we were slightly skeptical. Being such a popularly advertised site, initial thoughts were wary of not just gimmicks, but how saturated the profile would be with people who weren’t strictly single-parents material. Our instincts were wrong, though, and quickly realized when we saw how comprehensive they have made things. Through my testing, when my seven days were up, we went ahead and purchased the Best Value Plan for 3-months. Overall, has proven to be perfectly balanced with seriousness and fun – which is precisely the way single-parent dating should be.

Thanks for reading this for singles parents review. It should show you that is a not a scam. It’s a legit online dating website for single parents!