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Don't Join JustParents.com! It's a scam!

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On November 5, 2012
Last modified:November 16, 2012


Don't wate your time with JustParents.com

JustParents.com? More like SomewhatParents.com! Get to know some of the members on this site and you’ll understand what we mean. It seems as though an overwhelming majority of members on SomewhatParents.com errr JustParents.com are either not actually parents at all or parents only by DNA.

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You should find someone that’s proven to be a great parent. You’ll struggle to find that on JustParents.com. We have performed exhaustive research on this site. That includes signing up, paying for a membership, creating profiles, and chatting with other members (well, the few that actually responded). We also conducted a survey of nearly 500 JustParents.com members. This review will show you exactly what we don’t like about this single parent dating site.

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What’s Wrong With JustParents.com?

Everything is wrong with JustParents.com. Even their on-site dating advice Blog offers up some questionable advice. We’re just nitpicking with that. We couldn’t care less about their advice Blog. You can get all the advice you need on our website. But we do care about your ability to actually meet someone decent. You simply will not find it here.

JustParents.com does offer the standard online dating site features. Nothing really unique and some of their features are a little cheesy. We can look past that as long as it doesn’t take away from the ability to meet people. Though the limited unique features probably didn’t prevent us from meeting someone decent, they certainly didn’t help. There just aren’t enough people worth getting to know on this site. And there are far too many booty call seekers, which disturbs us. Why they can’t just go sign-up for a fling site is beyond us, but that’s a topic for discussion at another time and place.

Ratings (out of 10)

  • Site Features: 4/10
  • Member Quality: 4/10
  • Chances of Meeting Someone Decent: 3/10
  • Overall: 4/10

JustParents.com Conclusion

We only give honest reviews. If we don’t like a dating site, we’ll say so. Our website was created so you could avoid the scams and mediocre dating sites. We don’t believe JustParents.com is a scam. It’s just not a very good place to meet and date other single parents.

Thanks for reading this JustParents.com review. I hope it helps clarify that JustParents is a dating scam and NOT legit. Check out these better parent dating sites rather than Just Parents.