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One Month for $59.95 Three Months for $44.95 per month (one installment) Six Months for $33.95 per month (one installment) Twelve Months for $23.95 per month (one installment)

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On November 5, 2012
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Our #3 Favorite Site. eHarmony is decent for meeting other like-minded single parents. Not as good as our #1 and #2 picks, but fantasstic nevertheless.

We assume every dating site is a scam before signing up. That doesn’t mean we don’t give the site a fair shake. We do. But we’ve come to expect single parent dating sites to be mediocre. When we signed up for, we knew all about their reputation as a top online dating site. But since all we care about here is the single parent crowd, we weren’t interested in how it easy it is for men and women without kids to find a partner.

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After spending a considerable amount of time on, we determined single parents won’t find a better place to meet quality people. is far from being a scam. We have nothing but great things to say about our pleasant experience on this top-notch dating site.

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Try Our #3 Recommended Single Parent Dating Site:

ur Single Parents Opinion On

A dating site with a limited amount of single parents isn’t conducive to our needs. Sure, you can date someone that doesn’t have children, but you’re better off finding someone that does. Fortunately, on, there are a ridiculous amount of fellow single Mom’s and Dad’s. Best of all – these aren’t deadbeat parents with nothing going for them in life. They are successful, intelligent, and know how to raise a child. Basically, they are everything you should be looking for in a long-term relationship.

Only a small percentage of the members on are there just looking for sex. A much smaller percentage than on most online dating sites. The ones just looking for sex are easy to spot. If you receive an email from someone that is perverted, they’re probably only looking to get laid. The good news is you won’t come across many of these people on You’re more likely to be contacted by a single parent that is looking for the same things you are. Features Review – What Matters To YOU As a Parent is well worth the investment, partially because of their cool site features. You won’t find a dating site with more advanced capabilities than We had a lot of fun researching this site, and not only because of the people we met and chatted with. We enjoyed the different features offered, and here are our Top 3…

eHarmony Mobile Application

Single parenting is a busy job. We search for dating sites that are convenient. is one of those. With the Mobile Application feature, you can search for and chat with other members from anywhere. Just don’t do it while you’re driving!

Something To Talk About – Great For Starting Conversations With Other Single Parents

This is one of our absolute favorite online dating features. It’s always important to find someone that has a lot in common with you. But it’s often difficult to determine if someone has much in common with you from their generic profiles. Using the Something To Talk feature will guarantee you are matched with members that have more than just a little bit in common with you. When you activate this feature, you will out information about your different interests (food, music, movies, sports, etc) and then are matched with members that enjoy the same things.

Free Communication Event

Not 100% sure if is right for you? With their Free Communication Event feature, you can test out certain aspects of the site without paying a dime. You’re able to receive and view matches, send Icebreakers, and learn about other members. You can view photos or contact anyone, but it’s a good way to find out if is a site you’d be interested in paying for. Pricing Review – Is It Affordable As a Single Parent? certainly isn’t the cheapest dating site. We wouldn’t expect them to be. We’re firm believers in the “you get what you pay for” mantra when it comes to online dating. Sign-up for a cheap site and expect to either not meet anyone or not meet anyone worth meeting. is well worth the membership fees. In fact, they could probably get away with charging us more than they do. This dating site is THAT good. Here is a listing of the affordable membership level prices for

  • One Month for $59.95
  • Three Months for $44.95 per month (one instalment)
  • Six Months for $33.95 per month (one instalment)
  • Twelve Months for $23.95 per month (one instalment)

For the money, there is no better value online for single parents. Don’t let those prices fool deter you from signing up. And don’t jump to another site that is less expensive. You’ll have much better luck of meeting someone decent on than elsewhere. The membership fees are worth it. Look at it this way – is happiness worth $33.95 per month (6-month membership)? No way! It’s worth A LOT more than that! Review – The Conclusion uses an extensive compatibility matching system that no other dating site can beat. You’ll only see profiles of members that you are likely to be interested in. That means you don’t have to spend countless hours weeding through profiles of people you would never go for. So let’s sum things up. Here are the main benefits of single parents signing up for

Plenty of other single parents on the site
Only a limited amount of members just out looking for sex
Awesome site features
Extensive compatibility matching system
Convenient way to meet other single parents

You can’t go wrong with There are millions of PAID members on this site for one simple reason – it’s the perfect place to meet quality singles. Get signed up today and see for yourself why we’re so passionate about!

Thanks for reading this eHarmony for parents review. It should show you that is a not a scam. It’s a legit online dating website for single parents!