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On November 5, 2012
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Don't wate your time with

After we reviewed, we were certain we couldn’t possibly stumble across a lousier single parent dating site. That was until we signed up for It almost made seem decent. Almost. Their tagline is “a site for single parents to connect and find love again”. Sounds reasonable…except it’s inaccurate.

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A better tagline would be “a site for single parents and/or married men, immature boys, single men just looking to get laid and not for single parents looking for true love again”. Sure, it’s a long tagline and it’s not very catchy, but it’s more than accurate.

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What’s Wrong With

After nearly a month spent on, it was a relief to be done with this review. To be honest, we gave the site far too much time. We should have spent 5 minutes on the site and realized it was worthless. There are too many perverts and deadbeat parents on this dating site. Sure, there are some quality men and women mixed in there, but they’re too hard to find.

There are more than twice as many men as there are women. That should deter the men from signing up. Women shouldn’t get too excited because the men aren’t even worth your time. As far as quality of members go, this dating site gets an F. We hate to be this harsh, but we only speak the truth.

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  • Site Features: 2/10
  • Member Quality: 1/10
  • Chances of Meeting Someone Decent: 1/10
  • Overall: 1/10 Conclusion

If this review hasn’t convinced you is a scam site, we have more dirt on them. One of our male members created a profile that received a decent amount of messages from other members. One member sent him a very detailed email. She was pretty, had a nice profile, and the email message was creative. The very next day, he received the exact same message from someone else. It makes you wonder how many of the members on are actual people.

Thanks for reading this review. I hope it helps clarify that DatingForParents is a dating scam and NOT legit. Check out these better parent dating sites rather than Dating For Parents.