5 Reasons a Single Mother Shouldn’t Date a Man Without Kids

Searching for Mr. Right? Aren’t we all! Though I’d love to talk about the qualities of Mr. Right (tall, dark, and handsome, of course), for this article, I’m going to talk about who Mr. Wrong is to a single mother. Who is Mr. Wrong? A man with no kids. I am a strong advocate of single mother’s dating single dad’s. That’s not to say a man without kids can’t be the perfect boyfriend. But, in most cases, he won’t be because of these 5 reasons…

1.Boys will be boys

A funny thing happens when an immature guy becomes a father – he instantly grows up. It’s like God smacks him upside the head and says, “hey, dude, you have a kid now – partying days are over”. No one smacks single guys upside the head and tells them to grow up because they don’t have to. They’re only responsible for themselves. If they go out drinking on a Tuesday night until the wee hours of the morning, their only problem is trying to wake up in time for work the next morning. They don’t have to worry about putting their kids to bet and getting them ready for school the next morning. A single dad does. A man with kids is generally more mature.

A man with kids is generally more mature

A man with kids is generally more mature

2.Already knows how to be a father

As long as you’re with a guy, even if the kids don’t refer to him as “Dad”, he’s still going to be, in some way, a fatherly figure to them. Do you want someone with experience of being a father mentoring your children, changing their diapers, and getting them to basketball practice on time? Or do you want someone that hasn’t so much as changed a diaper helping you raise them? Experience counts for something. If they don’t have it, they can’t have you.

 The kids

The kids

3.Here’s the story…of a man named Brady…

Ever watch the Brady Bunch growing up? Awesome show, right? Who wouldn’t want to bring two families together? Stepbrothers and stepsisters almost always get along well, as long as they have something in common. This is even better if your kid is an only child. Now he/she will have someone to play with at home. On the show, the children on the Brady Bunch got along quite well. As you probably know, television isn’t always reality. You can’t bring two completely different families together and expect perfect harmony without the kids already knowing each other well. Help build their friendships long before you actually become a family.

4.Your schedule is too hectic for a man with no kids

A man with no children wants to get out and have fun, at all times. You can’t just up and leave your children on a moment’s notice to go out with him. He’ll likely get frustrated with not being able to see you when he wants, and go find a woman without kids. A single dad will fully understand why you can’t be so spontaneous.

Find a woman without kids

Find a woman without kids

5.Oh yes it’s ladies night!

Having kids and a boyfriend doesn’t mean you can’t go out with your girlfriends. A boyfriend without kids is probably not someone you’d trust leaving your kids with. But a boyfriend that has kids of his own may be able to do you a solid and watch your kids while you go out with the girls on a Friday night. After all, he’s already going to be watching his own. Just remember to return the favor (hint hint!).

How to Make Time for a Date When You Live a Hectic Lifestyle

You work a 9-5, come home to cook dinner, help your kids with homework, put them to bed, and then maybe you’re fortunate enough to have some quality “Me” time before hitting the sack. This is what you do Monday through Friday, except on days when your 10-year old daughter has gymnastics and your 8-year old son has Tee-Ball practice. Those days are even more hectic. On the weekend, you don’t have to work, but your kids want to go to the park, to a movie, out to dinner, etc. Such is life as a single parent!

Try finding time to go out on dates with that kind of schedule! It’s almost impossible. But not absolutely impossible. It’s all about how you manage your time and how well you plan ahead. Most parents live off a regular, set schedule. You probably have set hours at your job, cook dinner at the same time each night and put the kids to bed around the same time. So here’s how you plan around that…

 Your kids

Your kids

If possible, plan dates on nights you don’t have the kids

If the child’s father isn’t a deadbeat and cares for his children as much as you do, this is your best option. If you’re fortunate enough to have weekends free, it’s even better. Remember to factor in any scheduling conflicts of the person you’re dating. He/she may also have kids or a busy schedule, so be respectful of that. Don’t expect them to drop everything they’re doing just because you’re free on a certain night.

With that said, if he/she isn’t willing to compromise or make time for you, move on to someone that will. Sometimes sacrifices must be made to accommodate each other’s needs. Which brings me to my next point…

Plan dates on nights

Plan dates on nights

Be accommodating to his schedule

Yeah, I know…you have kids and can’t just drop what you’re doing all the time to go meet up with your lover. However, your relationship should not ONLY evolve around your schedule. Sometimes you have to be flexible and accommodating. If not, the relationship will never work. I always suggest single parents date other single parents because they can relate to each other’s busy schedules and maturity levels. But even so, sometimes you need to call a babysitter or take the kids over to a relatives house so you can go out on a date.

Not everyone is fortunate enough to have friends and family that are always willing to watch the kids or can afford a hired babysitter while you go out. I understand that. You can find some time even with the busiest of schedules. Be creative with when you get together. My friend invites her boyfriend over after she puts the kids to bed at around 9:00. This isn’t an ideal situation but it’s better than nothing. When he comes over, they usually pop in a movie until they also fall asleep.

Hired babysitter

Hired babysitter

Your kids will always be #1 on your priority list. But that doesn’t mean you can’t spend time away from them so you can go out on a date. Plan as far in advance as possible (at least a couple of days). Use every babysitter option you can. If you can’t afford a sitter but are dating someone with kids, maybe you could take your kids over to the same place. It would even give the kids an opportunity to play with each other. Manage your time well, plan ahead, and I’m sure you can find some time to go out on a date.

How to Introduce a New Boyfriend to Your Child Without Harming Your Relationship With Either of Them

I’m often asked by single mothers how and when to introduce a new boyfriend to their child. It’s a difficult question to answer because every child is different. Some are attached and protective of their mother more than others. Use your gut instinct on when to introduce the boyfriend. Don’t surprise your kid(s) one day and invite him over. Let them know well before that day occurs that you met someone and that you’d like to introduce them.

Assure your child they’re still the most important part of your life

Children often become jealous when a mother gets a new boyfriend. You can avoid the jealousy issues if you assure your child that, no matter what happens between you and the new man, they’re still the most important part of your life. Don’t just say they’re still #1 to you – prove it. Don’t ditch your daughter’s dance recital so you can go out for drinks with the boyfriend. You’ll definitely be spending a bit less time with your kids now, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still have plenty of quality time together.

 Introduce a New Boyfriend to Your Child Without Harming Your Relationship

Introduce a New Boyfriend to Your Child Without Harming Your Relationship

Good Times and Places to Introduce Your New Boyfriend

  • At your house when the kids aren’t busy with other activities (their schedule is important too) and the mood in the home the past few days has been positive and upbeat.
  • At a quiet park on a Saturday afternoon. Find a park with a swingset, large walking path, etc. This works out well if your child enjoys activities such as sports or playing on a jungle gym. It gives the child and the boyfriend a golden opportunity to bond.
  • At your child’s favorite restaurant. Every kid has that restaurant they go crazy for. When Mom takes them out to dinner at that restaurant, there’s nothing that could possibly get in their way of happiness. Though they might be more focused on their delicious meal, you won’t have to worry about them getting angry.

    Child enjoys activities such as sports or playing on a jungle gym

    Child enjoys activities such as sports or playing on a jungle gym

Bad Times and Places to Introduce Your New Boyfriend

  • Any time your child has shown behavior issues or has been resenting the fact that you have a new boyfriend. Wait until things have smoothed themselves out before introducing. You don’t want to escalate the problems by bringing over the new boyfriend.
  • At a family function, such as a family reunion. He’s not part of the family yet and this is an uncomfortable way to introduce him to your child.
  • When you know the ex will be stopping by. You’re likely to anger the boyfriend if the father of your child stops by while he’s there. Talk about being uncomfortable!

     Family function

    Family function

You know your child better than anyone and have that motherly intuition. Trust that intuition before deciding to invite him over. Has your child’s behavior changed since you mention the new boyfriend? If so, go back to what I said about assuring your children they’re always going to be your top priority. Sometimes it takes a little time for kids to be comfortable with Mom meeting a new guy. They’ll accept it eventually. In the meantime, it’s probably best to not introduce them until you’re certain they’re ready to.

SingleParentsMingle.com Review Summary

We’ve spent the past 6+ months studying, research, and reviewing more than a dozen single parent dating sites. Our reviews conclude with SingleParentsMingle.com – a site we spent nearly 3 weeks as paid members on. Our review included signing up, viewing profiles, contacting members, sending and responding to messages, and attempting to set up dates with quality single parents.

scam image dating

Now that our experience on SingleParentsMingle.com has concluded, we have compiled a review. Overall, we aren’t satisfied with the time spent on this site and are unable to recommend it to you. We didn’t hate the experience, but we didn’t get much out of it either. There are better single parent dating sites out there – but only a few.

singleparentsmingle homepage screenshot img

Don’t waste time on SingleParentsMingle.com. Check out this top 3 list for legit single parent dating sites!

What’s Wrong With SingleParentsMingle.com?

The only thing that’s really wrong with SingleParentsMingle.com is the difficulty in finding someone decent. That’s a big problem to have as we want you all to meet quality individuals. We received far too many perverted emails – especially the men. They do have a pretty cool chat room feature that we enjoyed, but were unable to meet anyone in there. And, for the most part, SingleParentsMingle.com does have features worth using.

But, in the end, meeting someone decent is most important. We tried and tried but were unable to accomplish that on SingleParentsMingle.com. There just weren’t enough quality single parents out there. And the ones we did contact were hardly ever active on the site. After a few weeks, we became frustrated with our inability to attract someone worth meeting so we gave up and decided we had given it a fair shot.

Ratings (out of 10)

  • Site Features: 4/10
  • Member Quality: 5/10
  • Chances of Meeting Someone Decent: 3/10
  • Overall: 4/10

SingleParentsMingle.com Conclusion

SingleParentsMingle.com does allow unpaid members more capabilities than most sites. That’s a good thing. You can even initiate contact with members without being a paid member. But that’s where the positives begin and end. We estimate that only a small percentage of members on SingleParentsMingle.com find true love. You’re better off signing up for a site such as eHarmony.com because the pool of single parents is much better than on this site.

Thanks for reading this SingleParentsMingle.com review. I hope it helps clarify that SingleParentsMingle is a dating scam and NOT legit. Check out these better parent dating sites rather than Single Parents Mingle.