Kids: When to Introduce Them Without Losing Your New Lover

Learn the right time & method to introduce your kids.

There is a right time and a wrong time to introduce your kids to your new lover. Choose the wrong times and you risk harming your relationship with both. If the children aren’t ready to meet the new lover, there will be some resentment within the home. If the lover doesn’t yet care to meet the kids, you may ruin the relationship. Here are some dating tips for single parents that will help you decide when to introduce the kids…

After you’ve concluded your lover is sane

Don’t talk much about your children until you know you’re dating a sane human being. Once you’ve checked them out through a background check and by the way they act around you, and they appear to be sane, you can introduce them. If things come up on the background check that worries you, don’t introduce them until you’ve received an acceptable explanation.

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When your kids are begging to meet the new man/woman

Maybe you’ve been talking about the new person in your life and the kids are dying to meet them. This would be a good time for an introduction because it’s not at a time where the kids may be angered by meeting your new lover. Sometimes kids resent their parents for meeting someone and it’s best to talk some sense into them before introducing. In this case, the kids are clearly anxious to be introduced so you should jump at the opportunity. Often times, opportunity only knocks once. Strike while the iron is hot, as they say. Don’t wait for your kids to change their minds.

When everyone in the home is in a good mood

Moods dictate how we feel about someone, whether you’re a child or an adult. If you and your child have had problems getting along recently, don’t bring the new lover over until things have smoothed themselves out. Don’t further escalate issues within the home. Your children are more likely to like the new lover when they’re in a good mood. Let the mood of your child dictate when you’ll introduce them.

Out to dinner at your child’s favorite restaurant

There’s nothing wrong with buttering up your child! After all, they do it to you when they want something from you! I’ve already talked about introducing the new lover when your child is in a good mood. What better time than when you’re out to dinner at their favorite restaurant? They child couldn’t possibly become moody at their favorite restaurant. Take advantage of this golden opportunity.

Follow our single parents dating advice and you’re bound to have a healthy relationship with both your child and the person you’re dating. When you introduce the child is important because your child is going to make an instant decision on whether or not they like the new lover. If the kids are in a good mood, they’re probably going to approve of your new love interest.