Using Technology to Overcome Busy Schedules When You Have Kids

You can leverage technology to create “mini dates” online.

You wouldn’t trade your kids for anything in the world, but sometimes you’re probably thinking, “It sure would be nice to have more free time to go out and meet people”. What you may not realize is you can find the time to meet people. How so? By leveraging your access to modern technology. You don’t have to go out to a bar to meet someone anymore. You can chat with other singles from the comfort of your own home. Before doing that, make sure you follow these rules of single parents and dating online…

  • Never give out phone number and email before really getting to know them well. You have children at home and don’t need to put them at risk. There are some psycho’s online. If they can’t respect this rule, don’t give in even if they appear to be charming.
  • Filter out the potential weirdoes before ever contacting/responding to them. There are obvious signs in a profile (i.e. complaints about a crazy ex, or seeming desperate) that indicate someone might be a psycho. Again, you have kids – keep them safe.
  • You will never pay for someone to visit you. If they ask for you to cover their travel expenses to come see you, don’t give them any money. This will prevent you from potentially being scammed.

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Ways to Communicate Online

Skype/Video Chat: Online profiles only give away so much information about a person. It’s also very easy to lie about yourself in a profile. Video Chat – through Skype or on the dating site – is a great way to gage how honest that person is. It’s more difficult to hide your true personality when someone is watching you. If the person you’re video chatting with impressed you, go ahead and meet them. If not, put them on ignore and never contact them again.

Instant Message: Almost every dating site has an Instant Messenger feature. You still can’t see their face while talking to you, but you can get to know them better. We recommend using IM at first just to see if you’d want to continue getting to know them. Then move on to Skype/Video Chat before deciding if you want to meet them. If you’re not comfortable with the IM feature on your dating site, feel free to use any of the following Instant Messenger platforms: Yahoo!, AIM, MSN, Google Talk, etc. Create a separate account for your online dating chats.

Facebook: Stalk the heck out of the person you’ve met online via Facebook. It’s okay to be a Facebook stalker when it comes to deciding if the person you’re chatting with is desirable. Don’t impede on their territory, however. That means you should only ghost-stalk them. Don’t comment on all of their photos, statuses, etc. You will become annoying. Facebooking someone should you met online should be done for the purpose of ensuring they are safe to meet.

Audio/Voice Chat: Don’t have a webcam or too shy to show your face to a complete stranger? Voice Chat is another great feature most dating sites offer. You can’t decipher body language from Voice Chat, but you can get a sense for how mature and comfortable they are speaking to a member of the opposite sex.

Online dating was created mostly because of the convenience factor. Being a single parent is a busy lifestyle, but with modern technology, there’s no excuse for not finding the time to get out there and meet someone. Take full advantage of the above features and meet the love of your life – without leaving the comfort of your own home!