The Right Ways to Show Interest in Someone Online (For Men and Women) The First Time

You only get ONE CHANCE to make a good first impression. Learn to leverage that to the maximum.

It’s likely been a while since you’ve been on the dating scene. You may have even forgotten how to flirt. Perhaps you’re a little nervous right now, but that’s okay. It’s normal. Don’t be scared to put yourself out there again, but make sure you’re fully prepared. The following is a single parents dating advice guide on flirting online for men and women.

Online Flirting Tips for Men

The onus is generally on the man to make the first move. Not always, but in most cases, the man initiates contact – even online. Stick to these guidelines for initiating contact with and expressing interest in a woman.

Introduction Email – Avoid long-winded messages that offer nothing of substance. Write a catchy subject title so that she’ll be tempted to open it. Understand that women (especially the attractive ones) receive hundreds of messages from men. They hardly ever read them all. They pick out the ones that seem the most interesting and delete the rest. After they open a message, if you don’t catch her attention right away, she won’t read the entire email. Show off your sense of humor and creativity. Don’t compliment her on how “hot” she is. Compliment her on something you found interesting in her profile. Mention something directly from her profile.

Example: “I’m not going to lie, I’m very interested in your obsession with Blackjack. Don’t you realize the House has an edge? Or are you able to count cards? Either way, I share this (unhealthy) obsession. Maybe one day we can share it together! Anyway, I’ll keep it short. I thought you seemed interesting, cute, humorous, and all sorts of other awesome qualities I’d like to compliment you on over a Chicken Caesar Salad!

Other Flirting Tips – Be patient with online dating. She has kids, so her life does not revolve around her online dating account. Don’t push her to go out with you. If she’s hesitant, continue to assure her you’re one of the “good guys”. She’ll find it very attractive that you refuse to give up on her but aren’t trying to force her to meet you. Flirting is an art that requires playful teasing (nothing offensive – ever!) and a sharp-witted sense of humor. You don’t have to be Daniel Tosh to make her laugh. Just be yourself.

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Online Flirting Tips for Women

It’s very attractive to a man when a woman initiates contact with him first. It shows you’re assertive and confident. Plus, if you’re contacting him, he’ll know you were attracted. Initiating contact is very simple – just “wink” (every dating site has this cool feature). He’ll receive a message saying you “winked” at him and if there’s mutual attraction, hopefully he will man-up and contact you immediately. If a man contacts you first, weed out the players, single guys without kids, and guys just looking for sex. They’re easy to spot. If the first message they send you is perverted or references sex in any way, he’s all about sex. Should you choose to be the first to send out an email, here is a great example of one that works perfectly…

Example: “Hey! I just wanted to let you know that I thought you were cute and your profile made me giggle. Seems like we have the same sarcastic sense of humor. But I bet I can be an ever bigger smartass! Care to accept my challenge!? ”

Whether you’re male or female…

Be yourself. Never fake who you are online like so many people do. You’ll never find a long-term relationship because the truth will soon come out. Lastly, don’t stress out about online dating. You may not meet someone right away. So contact as many singles as possible and NEVER settle for anyone you truly can’t see yourself being with for the rest of your life.