Dating Profile Mistakes: Writing an Online Dating Profile That Turns Others Off

The biggest online dating mistake men and women make is to not take their profile seriously. Many don’t understand the importance of selling yourself in the profile. Sure, on a traditional dating site, an attractive photo will get you far regardless of what else is on your profile. On a single parent dating site, looks will only get you so far. Most single parents are looking for more than what is on the outside. They want a lover that is mature enough to help raise their child. So spend some time creating a killer online dating profile and follow these dating tips for single parents

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Showing off too much cleavage

Be careful how much you show 🙂 A little is OK, too much is just sleazy!

Of course, we’re talking specifically about the women here. As stated above, it’s not all about your looks when it comes to single parent dating. Personality is almost always most important. Despite that, many of the ladies on these sites think the way to attract a man is through showing off their cleavage. Yes, that will attract a man. Unfortunately, it won’t be the right kind of man.

Show off the goods in your profile picture and you’re destined to attract nothing but perverts. That’s not the type of man you want to have around your children. Don’t take this the wrong way. We’re not saying you have to settle for some unattractive guy. But you should post classier photos. The type of pictures you upload will impact the type of men that contact you.

It reads like a novel

It’s totally awesome that you’re an amazing writer that has lived an interesting life. Your profile isn’t the time or place to share it. Save stories about how you went skinny dipping in the Atlantic Ocean, or sat next to Matt Damon on a flight to Los Angeles for a first date. Give away too much in your profile and you’ll have nothing to talk about on a date. Plus, you may put the reader to sleep. Most online daters will be turned off by a profile that reads like a book. Keep it short (not too short) and to the point.

The ex is a psycho and, by golly, everyone needs to know!

Don’t talk about your past … yet!

Perhaps the biggest turnoff is a profile that so much as mentions a crazy ex or how your love life has been a miserable failure. Even if those are true, keep it to yourself. Potential dates don’t care about your past relationships. They’ve gone through the same failed relationships as you. Mentioning your psycho ex will only remind them of theirs.

When writing your profile, think about what you want to read when viewing the profile of someone else. Would you like to hear all about their crazy ex or how much their love life sucks? Probably not. An online dater that whines about failed relationships appears to come with baggage. You don’t want to portray yourself in that manner.

Bragging about your children

Your son made honor roll and your daughter is the best pitcher on her softball team. That’s awesome. You should be proud. However, you shouldn’t brag about how amazing your kids are in your profile. Everyone is proud of their kids and everyone likes to brag when they do something great. Your potential future mate has amazing kids as well. The focus of your online dating profile should be on you and not the kids. Don’t scare singles away by making them think your kids are the only mentionable aspect of your life. Sure, they’re the most important part of your life. But they aren’t the ONLY thing going for you. If they really are the only thing going for you, we’d suggest picking up a hobby or you won’t be attractive to any single parents online. Make sure you read this article on when to introduce your kds.

You’re broke and the online dating community has to know about it

We haven’t a clue why anyone would mention their financial problems on an online dating profile. But we’ve come across many profiles of singles (usually women) that do. Your financial issues are your problems. Why share them with the rest of the world? You’ll seem like a gold digger that’s really looking for a Sugar Daddy and not someone trying to find true love. Remember, the theme of your profile should be positive. Complaining about financial woes makes you sound negative.

If you’re unhappy and you know it, clap your hands!

Your ex is a psycho that won’t leave you alone, you’re tired of living paycheck to paycheck, and you can’t get your 8-year old to quit talking back. Sounds like you’re living a rough life! Include all of that on your profile and you’re going to continue living an unhappy life. Negativity rubs people the wrong way. No one will want to touch you with a 10-foot pole if your profile is too negative. Appear happy and cheerful.

Even those leading the most unhappy lives have something positive going for them. You might not think so, but that’s only because you focus on the negative. We’re not here to give you advice on mental issues. We charge for that! But seriously, find things positive in your life and focus on those.

You’re too boring

You may not actually be a boring person. In fact, you might be the most entertaining person to be around. However, if you can’t convey that to your audience in your profile, everyone will think you’re lame. And who wants to date a lame-o? This goes back to what we said about spending some time writing your profile. Your goal should be to entertain the reader.

How do you entertain someone reading your online profile? By telling an interesting, mildly humorous story about who you are as a person and what your plans for the future are. Don’t write an autobiography and go into specifics. General comments about yourself and what you’re looking for is all that is needed. Make him/her laugh and they’ll probably be contacting you.

Well, we hope you learned something from our single parents dating tips. Remember to focus on who YOU are, keep the profile interesting, and be positive. You can’t fail at online dating if you do those things. Good luck!