For Women Only: Dealing With Players and Guys Just Looking for Quick Sex

Learn to spot & deal with players quickly!

You would think a single parent dating site would be free from players and guys just looking to get laid. Unfortunately, common sense and decency are 2 words some guys don’t have in their vocabulary. It doesn’t matter where you go – if men are around, there’s always some that think with their junk. There are a lot of skilled players that know how to take advantage of a single mom’s vulnerability. Some single Mom’s have gone quite some time without affection, so they give in to their phony charm.

Don’t put out right away

If a guy genuinely likes you for more than just your body, he will have no problem waiting for sex. A relationship based solely on sex usually ends the same way a sexual encounter with one of these “stud players” online ends – prematurely. No, I’m not suggesting you become a prude. I understand most relationships become sexual early on. Just avoid putting out on the first few dates. After that, go at it like bunnies for all I care.

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Don’t take this the wrong way. I’m certainly not anti-sex. In fact, go make yourself happy and get laid if you must. Do it with no strings attached. There’s nothing wrong with that as long as you’re not the type to get attached to a booty call. If that’s what you want, go out to the bars or sign-up for a fling site. Single parent dating sites should be used to find love.

How to Avoid Being “Played”

He can’t “play” you if he’s never given the opportunity to get with you. Prevent players from entering your life by taking the following single parents dating advice precautions.

  • Friend him on Facebook before meeting. You’ll learn about the type of person he really is from stalking his Facebook page. Go through his photos and see if he’s all over many different women in the pictures. This is a strong indication he’s not Mr. Innocent.
  • Tell him straight up before agreeing to meet that he’s going to have to wait for sex. If this irritates him or he tries to persuade you to change your mind, put him on ignore.

These dating with kids advice pieces on sex will help make your life less complicated. Some guys are very persuasive. They will charm you to death and make you feel special. This is what they do to make you feel comfortable getting into bed with them. They know what they’re doing. If he’s playing you, he’s probably played a dozen other women that month. Don’t let him make it a Baker’s Dozen and get rid of him before he is ever given the pleasure of meeting you.