5 Tips on How to Spot Psycho Online Daters: Because You Can’t Afford To Expose Your Kid To Nutcases

You can’t afford dealing with nutcases. Learn to spot them quickly!

No one wants to date a psycho. The relationship will be frustrating, and even worse, you could put your children at risk. Unfortunately, there are plenty of nutjobs online (men and women, but mostly men). They appear to be mature, respectful people…until you get to know them. Then their evil side comes out and you’re stuck desperately trying to get rid of them. That’s easier said than done. A dangerous person won’t go away, often until the Cops force them to.

We’re not trying to scare you away from meeting people online. The majority of the single parents online are good people. We just want to make you aware of the pitfalls associated with online dating. This pitfall is the most important one to avoid because there’s potential harm to your family on the line if you don’t. We’re committed to ensuring our readers steer clear of men or women that meet any of the following criteria for being a potentially dangerous person to date…

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1.They claim to be in a financial mess and seek your assistance

My single parents dating advice begins with a story we can all learn from. I personally know a single father that met a woman online whom he thought was a great gal. They got to knowing each other pretty well, even met up for once. She claimed to be in a horrible financial mess and so she couldn’t afford to come visit him (she lived about 300 miles away). She asked him for travel money the first time they met, which he obliged. She showed up, they went out for dinner at an expensive restaurant (which he paid for, of course). When she left, she asked him for a little extra money, which seemed harmless at the time.

They began dating for a while. She would come visit him about once a week. He continued funding her trips to see him. Each time she would visit, she’d sucker him into giving him a little extra money. It was usually small amounts of money, but they added up to a lot. After a while, she told him she wanted to move to his town but couldn’t afford to. So she convinced him to give her money for moving expenses. I know what you’re thinking – this isn’t all too uncommon or unreasonable. He likes her and wanted her to come live near him so they could have a normal relationship but she couldn’t afford to, so what’s wrong with him giving her some money? To make a long story short, she never moved. She pocketed his money and disappeared. Her cell phone was disconnected. Lesson learned. Unfortunately, it was a hard, costly lesson to learn.

2.They have a rap sheet that would make notorious criminals envious

Always do a background check before meeting anyone. You have children and should never allow a hoodlum to be around them. Despite that, many single parents fall victim to a convicted criminal that claims to be changed. They may have even charmed you and convinced you they’re no longer the same person they were. That shouldn’t matter. If they have an extensive rap sheet, don’t bother with them. Everyone that gets out of jail claims to be a changed person. Few actually are. In fact, more than 50% of released inmates end up coming back within 6 months.

Some of you reading this might know people that actually have turned their lives around following a rocky past. I do and am quite proud of them for making those changes. However, most end up going back to their old ways. Eventually they succumb to past habits and end up back in trouble. Sad but true. You’re better off meeting singles that have no prior arrests.

3.They appear to be hiding something

If it looks like a rat and smells like a rat, or something like that. It’s very important to ask specific questions about the person you’re interested in meeting. Don’t be rude and confrontational. Ask in a friendly way. If they can’t give you a direct answer or refuse to answer the question at all, they probably have something to hide. They might be ashamed of their past, have a felony they don’t want you to know about, or they have a lover on the side.

Before agreeing to meet anyone, do a background check. You need their personal information to do this. Stick to your guns and refuse to meet if they refuse to provide you with this information. Another thing to look for is a person that refuses to let you meet their friends, family, and children. Chances are you’re not the only one.

4.They won’t shut up about their crazy ex

Dating someone that doesn’t have the mental fortitude to eliminate a crazy ex from their lives will be a nightmare to date. Some people just love misery, which a crazy ex provides. And most that can’t seem to get that ex out of their life are still in love with the ex. Why else would they be so bothered by him/her? A dead giveaway that you’re going to be in for a stressful relationship with someone is if they’re constantly complaining about how their ex won’t pay child support, keeps calling them, etc.

We all have that ex we could do without. Those of us that are stronger emotionally are unaffected by the actions of our ex. They’re out of our lives, so why stress out about the things they do? If the ex happens to be their child’s other parent, the only time he/she mentions the ex should be when the ex is coming to pick up the kids. If that’s not the only time they mention the ex, there’s probably some lingering feelings towards the ex. You don’t want to date someone like that.

5.He starts showing up at your house unannounced

This one is specifically for the ladies. After you give out your personal information to him, if he then shows up to your house unannounced, you should begin to be very worried. This is unacceptable behavior and is very rude. He could be a stalker. He knows you have children, so he shouldn’t show up at your house unannounced. Even if you didn’t have kids, there’s no reason for a guy you just met to stop by your house unless you invited him over.

If he does it once, let him know to stop doing it. If he does it again, call the Cops. To me, it seems very strange for a man to show up unannounced at the home of a woman with children unless they’re in a committed relationship. You’re single parents and dating – he should respect your privacy. Stalkers are a nightmare to deal with!